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living with Parkinson’s disease

What do a professional golfer, neurologist, acclaimed lawyer, children’s author, nurse, legendary cyclist, former Attorney General, highly respected news anchor and 20 other men and women have in common? They are all living with Parkinson’s disease.
Surviving Adversity: living with Parkinson’s disease contains 28 profiles of individuals who share their inspiring stories of how they have adjusted to Parkinson’s disease. This book will provide readers with perspective and hope.

One of the most popular profiles in the book
(Chapter 28 – Bill Barnewitz) can now be read for FREE.




The Collection

What is the common thread between a rock star, a former vice-presidential candidate, a competitive racecar driver, a hijacking victim, an All-Pro wide receiver, a falsely imprisoned man, a prisoner of war, and 25 other women and men?

Surviving Adversity: The Collection contains 32 inspirational stories of people who have battled addiction, literacy, financial hardship, physical handicaps, cancer, faced the death of loved ones, or endured racism and other situations. Each profiled individual also shares their advice from lessons learned.

Two of the most popular stories in
the book can now be read for FREE.


Surviving Adversity: living with Parkinson’s disease

“There is no end of unique insight and advice in this book from which one can benefit. The stories are skillfully and colorfully spun. This sensitive compilation is a compelling page-turner.”
Dr. Gordon Hardacre, 2005 Morton Shulman Award winner, living with Parkinson’s disease

“The stories are very inspirational to our PD patients, caregivers, and family members. It is also a great book for the newly diagnosed because it offers hope.”
Pat Weigel, RN, Nurse Coordinator, University at Buffalo

“Read one chapter a day. When finished, start again. Each story is an interactive and insightful read.”
Review by John Wood, living with Parkinson’s disease

“This book is upbeat, the stories are well put together, and you will likely relate to a lot of the situations”
Review by Ron Penwarden, Livewire Parkinson’s newsletter

“This book is a must read.”
Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center Fall newsletter

“The book is absolutely phenomenal. The profiles are great and instill hope.”
Elizabeth Mason, living with Parkinson’s disease

“It’s excellent, a must read especially for people with PD, their family and friends.”
Bill Trewin, living with Parkinson’s disease

“What makes this book special are the words of men and women who have found inner strength to live life to the fullest.”
Debby Orloff, CEO, Michigan Parkinson Foundation

“I thoroughly enjoyed the stories–well done!”
Bill Bell, Executive Director Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation

“The book is beautiful and inviting….I identified with almost everyone.”
Jan Humphreys, living with Parkinson’s disease

“I just wanted you to know that I got your book yesterday and started reading it last night…..it is fabulous. I couldn’t put it down.” Bev Hanna-Jones, support group leader

The Collection

“The inspirational stories are very enlightening.”
Greg Norman, Professional Golfer and Entrepreneur

“The book is truly an inspiration!”
Rita MacNeil, multi-award winning singer/songwriter “Beautiful Book”
Don Cherry, Media Personality and Entrepreneur

“Surviving Adversity illustrates that no matter how difficult the obstacle, or how defeating the adversity, that someone has experienced it. And not only have they survived, but they have overcome that adversity and become stronger people because of it.”
Jill Strelieff

“I’ve always felt I was different from other people and that my own adversities were also different and sometimes just so hard to wade through. After looking at your book and paging through it, I thought for sure I could find solace reading it. And I did! Your book really hit home!”
Roxanne Williams

“There are 32 wonderful stories in Surviving Adversity. You will find at least a few stories that motivate you and that you can relate to.”
Gary Doyle, host of the Gary Doyle Show, News 570 Kitchener

“I have read Surviving Adversity twice. Your book isn’t preachy or saying “listen and do what I do”—you tell people’s stories—contemporary people that others can identify with. You offer the gift of hope. Thank you.”
Joan Warner

“Surviving Adversity is an inspirational guide to finding your way back to solid ground. And who better to give advice than those who have “been there” themselves? This book has given me perspective and strength for my own journey.”
Sheila Alianak

“The book is a treasure.”
W. Mitchell

“I don’t believe I read any chapter without crying. Your book should really prove to be a blessing to anyone who thinks they just can’t make another day.”
Terry-Jo Myers

“Surviving Adversity is great. It inspires faith and hope, demands courage and perseverance, and demonstrates man’s ability to overcome adversity.”
M’Liss Switzer